Scientific Obfuscation

T. Ronald Theodore

Integrated Biologics, LLC

An article was published in the New England Journal of Medicine, March 7, 2018 issue.

The article is entitled:”Monoclonal antibodies for Emerging Infectious Disease – Borrowing from History” authored by H.D. Marston, M.D., MPH, Catherine I. Paules, M.D., and Anthony S. Fauci,M.D NEJM March 7,2018.

The article discusses a brief history of using monoclonal antibodies as treatment for non-communicable diseases. It also states that a few monoclonal therapies have been approved for treatment of infectious diseases.The use of monoclonal antibodies to treat viral diseases is an important scientific approach to research

On June 2, 1998, US Patent 5,759,545 issued: “Method for Treatment of HIV-I Infection” T. Ronald Theodore. In the abstract and embodiment of the patent it is specifically noted that the use of natural and monoclonal antibodies to treat HIV-1 and potentially other viral infections.

The original filing was in 1996. ( ) This patent and the information contained within has been basically ignored by the NIH who were certainly aware of my research. I communicated the information in the patent to Prof. Luc Montagnier (discoverer of the HIV virus) who discussed the research with me. I have sent emails to Dr. Fauci regarding another issue – the use of HEPES to lower mic’s and treat drug resistant micro=organisms. Dr. Fauci never responded. The NIH must have been aware of my research.

The use of natural and monoclonal antibodies to treat viral infections was certainly contemplated and suggested two decades ago. I guess NIH may mean ‘not invented here’!

The dedication of so many individuals and researchers in recent years has brought a renewal of thought on previously discarded and ignored science and therapeutic approaches. Is old thought new thought; and, is new thought old thought? “When you change the way you look at things – the things you look at change.”