Scientific Obsfucation III

T. Ronald Theodore

Integrated Biologics, LLC

It should not surprise any researcher that big Pharma will steal research from others with impunity. Its about money and power. Many hard working researchers lose their proprietary interest by the unscrupulous actions of Big Pharma. At a time when the unscrupulous conduct of the Chinese government and other governments and groups have been in the forefront – the actions of the companies we hold in esteem are overlooked. We have a thief in the house.

For example the following article was published;


This is really something. The New England Journal of Medicine published an article entitled:”Monoclonal antibodies for Emerging Infectious Disease ‐ Borrowing from History” H.D. Marston, M.D., MPH, Catherine I. Paules, M.D., and Anthony S. Fauci,M.D., NEJM

March 7,2018. (‐disease ) I sent a letter to Dr. Francis Collins – director of NIH notifying that the research Dr. Fauci was claiming as promising was information described in my patent in 1998 and was also previously communicated to Dr. Fauci. The article suggested that monoclonal antibodies against viruses was promising technology. ( ).

( ).

I notified the NIH and Dr. Anthony Fauci in 1998 of this capability including my patent which referenced it. Fauci was also noticed of my research and patents on HEPES which is currently under review by several agencies for possible treatment on cytokine storm in Covid19. It was shown that a compound that was being used in a majority of cell cultures and biotech processes was in fact a true biological response modifier and should be considered an active agent. Importantly it was shown that HEPES induced extramedullary hematopoiesis, reduced mean inhibitory concentration in culture and sensitivity tests, has anti-cancer effects, affects nerve myelin growth,reduced bone pain in cancer, and much more. (see: ) . The biotech world continues to ignore this validated data. Apparently the “biotech swamp” does not want to look at a compounds that increase mitochondrial activity when they have demonstrated positive effects and are effective and cheap.

The ability to induce immune stimulating capability of HEPES was further recognized by Prof. Luc Montagnier in a collaboration. Prof. Montagnier demonstrated that HEPES decreased C4 ligand activity – a very important effect.

Years ago I collaborated with Dr. Issac D’Jerrasi who had demonstrated the use of lymphokines (early cytokines) had clear anti-tumor effects. The NIH blocked that important research that used fractions of cell culture supernatants as it was not the science they funded! Dr. D’Jerrasi’s early work could have greatly moved science forward. My collaborative work on cell culture supernatants .was stopped as well.

In a confidential disclosure I was informed the work was “too close”. Big Pharma wants expensive products.

Dr. Fauci has not responded. Its time to stop ignoring real science. It is time to stop the intellectual obsfucation intended to blindside good research. (A complete internet search will show years of articles supporting HEPES, monoclonals, and cytokine uses) There are many brilliant researchers that have very good insight and ideas but the big institutions block the research. The reasons are obvious. Follow the money.

When I notified Doctor Collins, head of the NIH, several months ago of Dr. Fauci’s recent publication in the New England Journal of Medicine where Fauci acted like he had the original thought of the idea of himself. He failed to cite my original work. Dr Collins’ assistant wrote stating the publication was a review article and the bibliography was incomplete. Dr. Collins’ assistant further stated that the issue was referred to NIAID and Dr. Fauci for further comment. Of course Dr. Fauci did not respond.

Now it appears that the concept was already being sponsored by the NIH with at least two major biotech companies. Fauci had to be aware of this as his agency was apparently involved as they were in collaborative with the companies. Draw your own conclusions.

The possible use of monoclonal antibodies against HIV was within the claims of my patent. The use of monoclonal antibodies against many viruses was also contemplated and stated within the embodiment of the patent.

Always remember NIH means not invented here and they will run over anybody that’s in the way of big Pharma.

It’s called how to get rich while you’re acting like a humanitarian.

I am sure they will find a way to take inexpensive production of monoclonal antibodies and make it very expensive also.

See: T. Ronald Theodore – Linkedin for detailed information.

Further there is empiric evidence that shows HEPES may be effective in preventing “cytokine storm” (a killer in Covid19 patients). A proposal for evaluation has been filed with BARDA. The validation is not costly and can be done quickly. The medicine has already been approved for other use by an FDA Physicians IND. It readily available and cheap. An answer from BARDA is awaited. Of additional concern is that the Chinese researchers are investigating HEPES and have published research on it. Apparently promising treatments are low priority if there is no strong proprietary and its cheap. Patients lives are not that important apparently. Why would it not be immediately tested based on existing research, data, and established safety?

It appears only big Pharma gets the deal and it has to be very expensive. The NIH and FDA always respond to Big Pharma.

Fast inexpensive treatments and cures – and- individual research are not welcome. The treatments must be complex to justify the costs. Getting too close to real answers is not allowed.

In view of the urgent need for treatments for the Chinese virus-Covid19 , it is confounding that the NIH and Big Pharma either ignore or disparage the research of others. If there are effective inexpensive treatments the NIH and Big Pharma will find a way to discredit them. Nothing is too unethical for them to accomplish their goal of profits over people.

I do not doubt that there will be continuing efforts to stop the unique approaches that do not mesh with the NIH and Big Pharma goals. Approaches that are easily tested. NIH (Not Invented Here).

Integrated Biologics® continues this important collaborative research.

As an additional important issue, it should be noted that big Pharma has violated proprietary rights of Integrated Biologics® name which is its proprietary registered trademark. It has been its legally registered trademark. When noticed of the violation, one big Pharma scoffed back in back in writing. It seems several companies are violating the trademark with impunity. These companies will face legal action. It certainly demonstrates the blatant disregard for proprietary rights when big Pharma disregards the law. China is not the only entity stealing proprietary!

President Trump signed the Right to Try Act. It is time to use it for HEPES, Monoclonal Antibodies, Hydroxychloroquine and several other valid scientific approaches. It’s time to bring the suppressed technology to help people regardless of the profit motive.

There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what is not true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.” – Soren Kirkergard

Dr. T. Ronald Theodore

Integrated Biologics, LLC