Optical Firewall Technology

Optical Firewall Technology – A Paradigm Shift

T. Ronald Theodore

Integrated Biologics, LLC

A new patented system for an Optical Firewall provides a paradigm shift in the approach to preventing unauthorized access to server/mainframe data. The system is hardware based and entitled “System and Method for Optical Security Firewalls In Computer Communication Systems”. (US Patent 9,584,475).

It is a method and system for a bidirectional firewall in computer communications, which utilizes the transfer of information from an optical display to a separate server thereby eliminating unauthorized entry into the server and prohibiting access to the stored information. This may include a computer communication system for the transmission or receiving of data, or both, which system comprises, data processor server computer; a terminal for the computer; a data processor connected to the computer; a display monitor to display data from the terminal; and an optical scanner to receive or transmit data from the data processor to the display monitor. The optical scanner is constructed and arranged to create an electronic security gap between the display monitor and the data processor and computer.

It is a unique system and method that allows the mono or bidirectional transmission of data while blocking the ability to access the mainframe and/or server of the system. Optical images are displayed are captured and redigitized. There is an non-electronic gap that separates the displayed image from the optical sensors that captures and redigitizes the image which is then sent to the mainframe for further processing and authorization. The process is then reversed and the information to be sent to a terminal is imaged and must again cross an non-electronic gap in order to be sent to a terminal workstation and/or vendor. The electronic gap functions in both the entry access to the mainframe/server and in the sending/release of data from the mainframe. This system inhibits the ability of unauthorized data acquisition.It will prevent unauthorized access to mainframe data. The applications are numerous ranging from protection of intelligence data, defense systems, health records and financial/banking data.Important to note that a significant amount of traditional firewall software will be integrated into the system.

This unique paradigm shift in firewall technology has applications in many areas. The Company will collaborate with computer technology groups that will enable continued development of the optical firewall system. The optical firewall can be integrated into existing software based firewalls. This will allow the creation of advanced firewall protection that combines hardware and software technology.

T.Ronald Theodore

Integrated Biologics, LLC

Email: rtheodore@integratedbiologics.com

Addendum Note: Integrated Biologics, LLC is primarily a biotechnology research group. The Company has a”think-tank” culture. Its primary focus is advanced research on the effect of HEPES and other zwitterions. Studies on brain and heart are the current primary focus. The effects of HEPES is becoming more important in understanding the immune system, (HEPES importance as a biological response modifier was for years overlooked despite the initial observations by Good). Concepts in cell repair, stem cell technology (including the discovery of the ability to induce extramedullary hematopoiesis) and the antimicrobial effects when combined with antibiotics( including effects on drug resistant microbes are important. The Company continues to pursue these important paradigm shifts.

The discovery of the Optical Firewall is a result of the open thought culture that make the Company a unique source of ideas and new approaches