Approach to Treatment of Coronavirus and Other Viruses Using Monoclonal Antibodies

The search for effective treatment of coronavirus has two fundamental approaches. One is to treat those who have already been infected by the virus. The second is to prevent active infection using vaccines.

Research must involve many different innovative approaches. The purpose of this post is to communicate one possible method of treatment for individuals who are infected.

In 1998 I received a patent on using monoclonal antibodies for treatment of HIV. In that patent the possibility of using monoclonal antibodies for the treatment of viruses was contemplated. . I did send a note to the NIH which was not acknowledged.

The use of monoclonal antibodies against HIV had been studied but involved antibodies directed at the virus itself. My approach was to have antibodies against sperm to use against HIV. The rational was based on the similarities of the protein coat on the sperm to the protein coat on the virus. The theory of monoclonal antibodies was implicit.

On March 7, 2018 the new England Journal of Medicine published a review article that was co-authored by Dr. Anthony Fauci NIH/NIAID that discussed the possible effectiveness of monoclonal antibodies against viruses. entitled:”Monoclonal antibodies for Emerging Infectious Disease ‐ Borrowing from History” H.D. Marston, M.D., MPH, Catherine I. Paules, M.D., and Anthony S. Fauci,M.D., NEJM March 7,2018.

I wrote Dr. Francis Collins, Director NIH to state my prior work which had a bearing on the subject matter. His office responded promptly and thanked me for the information. Dr. Collins office advised that the bibliography was for review and not complete. They would ask Dr. Fauci to comment. (pending). There is a reasonable probability that monoclonal antibodies (and natural antibodies may be effective against viruses. The research can be rapid and positive or negative results quickly obtained.

There is no time to waste as the coronavirus spreads. Also prompt treatment is imperative.