Research and Development

HEPES/Zwitterion Technology Platform

Integrated Biologics is a research and development company. The company is developing and has patented potential new uses of HEPES and other zwitterions as Biological Response Modifiers.

The HEPES/Zwitterion Technology Platform brings several novel approaches to many biomedical and environmental issues.

Integrated Biologics researches technology that results in a “paradigm shift”.
HEPES has been shown to be a true biological response modifier (BRM). It has a direct effect on
the mitochondria of cells. Research has shown that it has broad immune stimulating capability.
It can stimulate the bone marrow and produce embryonic like cells. Use in stem cell technology
is a clear potential.

HEPES was found to lower mean inhibitory concentration (mic) of antimicrobials. Because of
HEPES activity on mitochondria, there is an effect on cytokine activity. It is being evaluated for
potential ability to prevent “cytokine storm”. The effect on Covid19 is being assessed.

HEPES is also being studied for ability to reduce brain and myocardial (heart) damage). It has
been shown to have a positive effect on several pathophysiologic states.

The company has also developed a novel technology in the area of electrophysiology.